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Wealth Management

We provide both brokerage and advisory services. Our investment recommendation is customized and independent: there are no proprietary financial products and instruments.

Alternative Investments

Alternative investments were once available exclusively to institutional investors and carry certain restrictions, including investment minimums and eligibility requirements. But with the growth of financial innovation and alternative strategies, alternative investments are gaining traction as an option for investors to diversify their investments, manage downside risk, and provide an alternative source for return.

• Real Estate Income Trust (REITs)
• Business Development Companies (BDCs)
• Private Equity Al
• Hedge Funds and Fund-of-Hedge Funds
• Exchange Funds
• Managed Futures
• Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) 1031 Exchanges

Portfolio customization

We design and manage customized portfolios to address the unique characteristics of client’s balance sheet, liquidity needs and risk exposures. Detailed scenario modeling and cash flow analysis will also be performed. This solution is primarily for clients who have substantially concentrated, restricted or otherwise illiquid assets.

• Hedging and Monetization
Covered Call
Protective Put
Equity Collar
Put Spread Collar
• Prepaid Variable Forward (PVF)
• Contingent Forward Sale
• Pre-IPO stock strategies
• Qualified Small Business Stock Elections

Fixed Income

• Corporate Bonds
• Treasury Bonds
• Municipal Bonds
• Structured Notes
• Market Linked CDs

Mutual Funds and ETFs

• Mutual funds and ETFs portfolios
• Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP)
• Strategic Asset Management (SAM)
• Unit Investment Trust (UIT)
529 plans