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15 March
The top tax myths (and what happens when you believe them)


- Can starting a business help save tax with expense write-offs?
- Can I take a home office deduction since I now work from home?
- If I move to a state with no state income tax to work remotely, can I avoid paying state income tax?
- Can I claim my child/spouse/domestic partner/parent/pet as my dependent?
- If I got paid in Cryptocurrency, do I still have to pay tax?
- Does Cryptocurrency count toward capital gains?
- Can I use life insurance as a tax deferred vehicle for retirement savings?
- If my insurance policy lapses, can I claim capital loss?
- Should a more expensive CPA be able to help me save more tax?
- If I get audited, is my accountant/CPA/tax preparer responsible?

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Wed, Mar 15, 2023

3:00p - 4:00p EST


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